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  • Parchem has been providing its resourcing services to the chemical industry for over 15 years. Formed in 1988 by one of the founders of Dead Sea Periclase (DSP) of Israel, Parchem established its roots by importing and distributing DSP's very high purity Magnesium Oxide to the refractories industry. Together the companies developed a granular Magnesium Oxide that enabled expansion into other markets such as pharmaceuticals and nutrition. Today this material is the key source of Magnesium in most vitamin and nutrition tablets. In order to better serve its customers in the pharmaceutical, nutrition and specialty chemical markets, Parchem broadened its product line to include other specialty and hard-to-find materials. As we have grown, Parchem's goal has been to become proactive resourcing specialists. We work hard to develop a seamless connection with our customers so that we are in effect an extension of their business. We place a strong emphasis on responding quickly to customer inquiries and providing informative quotes. Parchem makes effective use of technology and the expertise our employees have in the chemical industry to find what our customers need when they need it for a reasonable price. As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors, Parchem has committed to product stewardship and consideration of the health, safety, and environmental impact of its operations. Our policies and procedures ensure compliance with regulations, safe handling and transportation or our products. Parchem offers a broad range of products and has extensive knowledge of the markets, products and sources in each market segment. With our agents, Parchem helps to eliminate unnecessary steps in the supply chain while ensuring reliability, quality, and competitive pricing. In addition to providing a catalog of products, Parchem also offers resourcing services to the chemical industry. If you are looking for import, export, distribution, logistics, outsourcing, or custom services, Parchem is ready to help. We represent major chemical companies as agents and provide a variety of outsourcing services. We can also help you find a specialty chemical or arrange for toll production or processing of materials. Parchem truly can be the supporting link in your supply chain solution. In the years to come, we will continue to grow by diversifying into other specialty areas. As we do, Parchem will remain focused on our original mission - to serve as a resourcing specialist that is recognized for its efficiency, reliability, and high quality of products and services.

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